You can feel uncertain.

Make mistakes.

And still SUCCEED.

Life is complex and messy at times.  If you are feeling a little lost or disconnected, I am here to help guide you back to your truth and reconnect to a feeling of satisfaction.

Explore the options below for supporting yourself, someone you love, or teams you work with each day.  If something piques your interest and you’d like to talk more, OR if you are just not sure where to start…contact me.


Individual Counseling-Adults

Missouri and Illinois Residents

Virtual and In-Person

Counseling sessions are structured in a way to help you navigate and heal from emotional wounds and suffering while also building on your internal strengths and resources.  Additionally, I utilize a client centered approach which means I will work with you to determine which clinical modality works best depending on your unique needs and circumstances.  There are a variety of strategies that can help you during the therapeutic process but one of the most important indicators of progress is the therapeutic relationship.  This is why I will solicit feedback during each session and actively work with you to determine you are receiving the services you need.  If you are ready to take the next step and begin therapy, contact me today to learn a little more and see if my style and approach make sense for you.

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Individual Counseling-Teens 

Virtual and In-Person

It can be tough being a teenager.  You have a lot of things to manage, figure out, and lots of opinions on how to do it all.  Whether you are struggling with the constant pressures of social media, dealing with complicated relationships, trying to manage stress, or just trying to figure out what is right for you-I would like to help you along your way.  Your sessions are focused on the things that matter most to you and in a way that makes sense for you and your individual personality and preferences.  I will check in with you often to make sure you find sessions useful and supportive and explore a variety of strategies so you can figure out what works best.


Consulting, Supervision, and Training 

Virtual and In-Person options

Are you a mental health professional in a solo practice or have limited opportunities to consult with other therapists?  Or are you simply in need of another perspective to help guide you in the right direction?  Regular consultation is not only an important aspect of ethical care and treatment for clients, it is also a critical piece to attend to self-care as a clinician.

In addition to consultation, I offer clinical supervision to Missouri social workers. My clinical interests include neuroscience, stress management, anxiety, and trauma informed services and I have worked with adolescents and adults for the past 20 years.  If you are interested in accessing the benefits of consultation or would like more information about clinical supervision, reach out today!

Professional development is an effective strategy to address burnout and compassion fatigue.  I have been facilitating workshops and trainings for professionals, parents, and teenagers throughout my career.  Some of the most popular training sessions I offer include:  Understanding Teens, Stress Management, The Science of Happiness, Navigating Anxiety, and Strength-Based Services.  Sessions are adapted to meet your learning objectives and organizational interests to ensure teams walk away with tangible strategies to feel better, tune in to their sense of inspiration and awe of their work, and promote that same sense of care and wellness to the people they serve.   Contact me to explore the best option for you!